Lorraine does not accept many requests for personalized private illustration because she receives so many. For these reasons, please read the conditions below before making your request :-) :


  • The artwork will be delivered digitally in PDF or JPEG format. You will be able to print it yourself in the format you want and publish it on your social networks. Lorraine does not print for private orders.


You need to describe a specific type of drawing so that Lorraine can start working : 

  • What situation do you want to represent?
  • What format do you want (portrait, landscape, square) ?
  • Do you have a specific photo or people you want to represent ? 
  • Do you have any existing illustrations that inspire you to create yours ? 
  • What colors do you like ? 
  • Would you like to add a phrase below or above the illustration ? 
  • Would you like a digital signature of Lorraine Sorlet ? 


    1. Send your detailed request by answering the questions listed above 
    2. Lorraine will make a sketch that you can validate before she proceeds to the finalization. You can ask her for 2 modifications on the sketch + 1 modification on the final colorized.
    3. You will receive an invoice with the mention "for private use only / not for sale / limited to 2 copies."
    4. The finalized work will be sent to you as a high quality file as soon as the invoice is paid.


there are 5 possible options : 

  • 550 euros for a detailed creation with exclusive rights.
  • 400 euros for a detailed creation without exclusivity rights (the work can be used by Lorraine on her networks if she wants, the work can be modify or put it on sale on the online shop).
  • 350 euros for a simple portrait on a white or neutral background without buying the exclusive rights.
  • 250 euros for the creation of an original tattoo (in colors or black and white)
  • 175 euros to modify details on an illustration that I already created (haircut, skin colors, phrase to add, background colors ... etc) 


Payments are possible by bank transfer or Paypal only. 


If your request is complete and if you are very reactive in our email exchanges the work can be delivered very quickly (about 2 weeks).
Please send a request as complete as possible to facilitate the process, specifying the option of your choice + the description with photos or illustrations attached if necessary. 


Some exemples I created in the last months (for births, anniversary, birthday, or just for or just to put in image and never forget a beautiful memory ) :